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Great Chili Recipes

No one can agree on what makes the best chili recipe. Should it be made with beans or without beans, hot and spicy or not, made with chunk or ground beef, chicken, pork, or topped with cheese? How much chili powder or ground cumin do you need? Do you serve your chili with chopped onions, grated cheese, sour cream, bread, or crackers?

Chili is as American as apple pie and is a mixture of different cultures from different regions of the United States. Not everyone will agree on how it should be made but all will agree that it makes for a great dish. Great Chili Recipes has compiled a list of the best chili recipes from across the United States and beyond for your enjoyment. Take some time to browse thru the categories and discover recipes that you just have to try.

From meat lovers to vegetarian, we're sure that you'll find something that interests you and is worth exploring. Good luck on your quest for the next Great Chili Recipe!!!


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